Charlotte Cricket Control

Protect Your Home From Crickets

Are crickets driving you crazy in your Charlotte home or business? Put an end to the incessant chirping and annoyance with our specialized cricket control services. At Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control, we understand the frustration of dealing with cricket infestations, and our team of experts is here to provide effective and reliable solutions. Whether you're facing a minor cricket problem or a more significant invasion, our comprehensive pest control strategies will ensure their swift removal and help you regain a peaceful environment.

If you notice crickets in your home, contact Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control at (704) 285-1619 to schedule a cricket control service.

Signs You Have Crickets in Your Home

Crickets are nocturnal pests that can be a nuisance to homeowners. Crickets are known to invade homes in search of food and moisture. During the day, crickets seek out dark, quiet areas to hide from the sun and possible predators. Crickets are known to enter homes through open doors and windows, vents, and even through mail slots.

If you notice any of the following signs, you may have crickets in your home:

  • You hear chirping noises coming from your home at night
  • You notice insect droppings on your floors, counters, or anywhere in your home
  • You notice that food has been eaten in your cabinets or pet food has been eaten
  • You notice that plant leaves and stems have been eaten
  • You notice insect eggs in your home

What to Expect from Our Cricket Control Service

At Truly Nolen, we offer a comprehensive cricket control service to help you keep crickets out of your home. Our team of experts knows how to locate and seal off access points where crickets may be getting into your home. We also use an organic insecticide that is safe for use around children and pets. Our cricket control service is designed to be safe for your family and the environment.

When you call on our team of professionals, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection of your home to locate where crickets may be getting in
  • An inspection of your home's attic, basement, and exterior to locate where crickets may be nesting
  • A treatment of your home's exterior to kill any crickets that may be nesting on your property
  • A treatment of your home's interior to kill any crickets that may have gotten inside
  • A follow-up inspection to ensure that your home is free of crickets

Crickets can be a nuisance, but with our help, you can get rid of them for good. Our team of experts offers a comprehensive cricket control service to help you keep crickets out of your home.

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  • Brandon was awesome. He was attentive, patient, and very informative. He even included our youngest child in the process which really made our son's day. The attention to detail and his willingness to help me pinpoint access areas that could be potential entry for pests made me feel very comfortable with the process. He even recommended other services based on inspection points that I would have never imagined would be offered. He's definitely created a loyal customer as of today. Thanks, Brandon!

    Maria D.
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