3 Considerations Before Hiring Your Mosquito Company


It’s nearly that time of year again. By now, you’re well aware of the hazards and annoyances posed by mosquitoes during the warmer months, especially in the Carolinas where this period begins in early spring and carries through October. Not only are mosquitoes a huge nuisance, they’re also a health risk and serve as vectors for a variety of diseases. It’s possible their presence has driven you, your family and pets back indoors, avoiding your yard during the most yard-worthy times of year.

Perhaps you’ve decided to hire a professional to help you reclaim your property or are simply curious about your options? Driving down any Charlotte area thoroughfare, you’ve certainly noticed the cacophonous display of dwarf billboards that have started popping up over the past 5 years, laying claim to neighbors’ properties and declaring their perimeters mosquito-free. Is this your deliverance, your liberation?

A regular mosquito management program through the warm months may indeed be an effective solution for your family, but here are three things to consider as you begin the process of hiring your pest management professionals this year:

Hire a State Licensed Company

Governing agencies such as The North Carolina Department of Agriculture (for North Carolina) and Clemson University (for South Carolina) regulate the licensure and certification of companies that apply pesticides commercially. The standards and requirements to maintain active status ensure that pest control professionals demonstrate competency in the latest science, safety procedures and industry best practices and as well, pass regular and thorough inspections and audits by the state. Search North Carolina Licenses here before hiring a pest control company. For South Carolina, search here.

Hire a Company with Professional, Full-Time Employees

The application of pesticides around your home and property must be entrusted to knowledgeable professionals with deep experience and commitment to their trade. The nature of this work is simply not appropriate for an inexperienced seasonal workforce, however well-intended. As mosquito mitigation services are seasonal by nature, consider whether a company provides a wider array of pest management services throughout the year to necessitate a full-time professional pest management staff.  

Hire a Company that Can Answer Your Questions

Exactly what products are being used? How do they work? When will the next service be performed? Who should I call if I have another question? You may have these and other queries before or after hiring your pest management company. It’s critical that you select a company committed to engaging customer service and client education, not simply when you’re making your initial decision, but throughout the entire year. A professional pest management provider is as interested in educating you as serving you.

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